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HVAC Sanitare, incalziri si aer conditionat, prevenirea incendiilor

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Welcome to AWSDE
Nowadays quality is one of the most important aspects when delivering a product or service. At AWSDE, quality delivered in a timely manner is of the utmost importance. With experiences ranging across sectors and countries, AWSDE is prepared to professionally service all your needs over 3 main domains.

All Your HVAC Needs
We strive to create the perfect balance between sustainability and comfort; thus creating a healthy environment for the building and desired project, the people and the energy. Relevant for a large variety of building types.

Eco-Friendly Water Systems
We also provide essential tools to complete designs systems that promote water conservation and sustainability. AWSDE has success in many projects where rainwater and waste water are both harvested and recycled.

Fire Protection
Promoting Safety in all forms
AWSDE specializes in designing fire protections systems to ensure the buildings are protected in more ways. After 25 years of experience with diverse ranges of buildings we can confidently solve your fire protection needs.
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Aer conditionat, Prevenirea incendiilor, HVAC Sanitare
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