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KARAN provides services regarding the residential compounds' management and the management of apartments assemblies that have been designed to respect the principles, profile practices and European standards together with the Romanian legislation related to the owners associations' management. We are a young and dynamic team that provides fast and flexible solutions related to property & facility management. We have a wide range of services for businesses, from initial advice on steps to follow when setting up the company, continuing with the organization and operation of various types of legal entities and advice through to the end of legal personality. Our team - legal advisers, accountants, tax consultants and specialists in human resources - is concerned about fixing the ongoing problems in new and efficient ways. In a changing legal landscape, KARAN can be your personal consultant on legal matters of any kind, in short: the discreet and efficient business partner.

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Consultanta fiscala, Consultanta in afaceri, Afacere locală, Servicii salarizare
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