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1813 - Servicii pregatitoare pentru pretiparire


STILL PRINT FORWARD este o agentie de publicitate full-service, care ofera clientilor sai servicii complete, astfel încât dupa o analiza atenta, firma noastra poate realiza creatia si productia materialelor publicitare, poate propune solutii eficiente si de efect pentru promovarea produselor sau serviciilor dumneavoastra. Sfatul nostru: Promoveaza-te cu Still!

Descriere limbă străină
Still Print Forward is a full-service advertising agency, with a young and dynamic team, able to work in a field that undergoes continuous changes.
In our business technology and skills are constantly changing. Since the agency began in 2004 our values remained the same: taking pride in what we do, putting the needs of the client first and respecting our social and physical environment.
From the very beginning, our goal is to offer high quality services and to treat every work with maximum seriousness and professionalism, therefore, Still Print Forward has gained a reputation for reliability and integrity.
Our role is to use our creativity, knowledge and experience in the field of advertising production to develop our client's notoriety, to build a strong brand, to implement and deliver creative concepts into their final media.

Our services:

. We create a brand identity: brand name, logo, slogan, visit cards, letterheads, identity manual (directions and standards), promotional materials, and presentation portfolios.
. We can develop branding strategies by creating events, promotions, etc.
. Printings: graphic publication of the illustration for catalogues, flyers, folders; graphic for folders, brochures, catalogues, etc.; graphic for product labels, packages
. Design: logos design / Ads design
. We execute a wide array of printings: folders, paper cases, presentation catalogues, calendars, labels, magazines, brochures, invitations, personalized envelopes, leaflets, presentation maps, block-notes, visit cards, cards, notebooks, advertising flyers, also printing on special surfaces( CD's, mouse pads), complex printing articles destined to support a large offer of products or services.
. Indoor & Outdoor: Large scale prints, advertising panels, illuminated boxes, banners, illuminated signs, displays, mashes, roll-up banners.
. Promotional items: trinkets, lighters, ball pens, watches, badges, leather handbags, paper c
Cuvinte cheie:
Tricouri, Calendare, Agende, Jachete, Pixuri, Mape, Tampografie, Imprimare, Postere, Brelocuri, Brichete, Cadouri personalizate, Umbrele, Scrumiere, Caciuli, Reviste, Brosuri, Ceasuri, Bannere, Serigrafie, Ambalare, Cataloage, Broderie, Tipar digital, Design, Laser, Sepci, Felicitari, Manuale, Showroom, DTP, Inscriptionare, Insigne, Totemuri, Offset, Cani, Creatie publicitara, Identitate vizuala, Trofee, Mingi, Confectionare, Standuri expozitionale, Timbru sec, Fanioane, Fulare, Rucsacuri, Gravura mecanica, Folio, Odorizante auto, Pelerine, Conceptie, Fotografie publicitara, Mesh-uri, Multiplicare, Punga, Pre-press, Bandane, Display-uri, Mousepad, Imprimare textile, DVD personalizate, Agende electronice, Hanger-e, Inchiriere structuri, Leaflet-uri, Outfit-uri promoteri, Printare full-color, Productie publicitara neconventionala, Sweatere
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